Tuesday, December 27, 2011

December 20th letter that came late

 December 20, 2011

Feliz Navidad!

Christmas time is here and I am excited!  How are you guys?  What Christmas stuff have you been doing?  That’s cool you guys went to the Nutcracker and had the big gingerbread house party.  We’ve been getting into the spirit too.  We’re going to have a big district sleepover on Christmas Eve and have a white elephant exchange and read the Christmas Story.  I told you some of the Christmas plans in the e-mail but yeah, I’m really excited for it, and it’s gonna be nuts. 

We got a new district which means we got new roommates but they are cool.  One is named Elder Morrow and he is from Farmington, New Mexico and he says he knows Steve and Chris and all those guys.  He also says his mom went to Timpview and lived by where we used to live.  His mom’s last name is Magelby so maybe you might know her, mom.

As for choir, I try to go as much as I can but sometimes schedules get conflicted but it’s still cool when I get the chance to go.  This week has been pretty much the same: 16 hour-days, $6 on our cards a week—something doesn’t seem right about that.  But everything is going well.  I’m happy to be here and I’m getting pumped for Argentina. 

Sorry to hear about lil’ Kim Jong-Il.  Hopefully, Senor Chang will take his place.  I’m wearing Paris Hilton sunglasses in respect, just like you are doing dad.  Ha-ha. 
That’s crazy to her that shy-guy Archuleta is going on a mish.  Hopefully we’ll go to the same area and bring some small town justice to Salta with our pacifist ways of song and dance.  Sounds like a good movie plot line.  I can see it now: Hallmark presents “The Year When Salta Sang”… I hear Kathy Bates is gonna be cast as the villain…. 
Sorry if I forget things that you guys ask me to write about (like questions or whatever).  Sorry if I do that.

Well, I best go record a video clip for you guys.  It has my testimony on it and everything.  I hope it will play once it gets to you  (It’ll be on the SD card I am sending home today). 

I just want you to know that I love you sooooo much and I hope you have a merry little Christmas.  I miss you guys but I know we’ll all be happy this Christmas because we will remember the true meaning of this season.  Watch Elf, Christmas Vacation (and sing the theme song) Christmas Story and all those movies for me.  I love you all so much. Merry Christmas.  Happy Birthday Lauren and have a Happy New Year.  God bless you all, you’re the greatest family on earth.  Thank you!  I love you!

Con amor,

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