Thursday, December 15, 2011

MTC Week 5 Second Letter

December 13, 2011

Dear Familia:

How’s it going?  How are things?  How are you guys?  I’m doing pretty good myself.  Thanks for all the packages and letters; that was really amazing of you.  I love getting mail and yes, I got the tree and it is currently hanging up by my desk.  It is such a cool thing, I really love it.

The language is going pretty good; a lot of stupid conjugations but I’m not stressing about it.  The teaching is also going well; I’m really becoming not afraid to sound stupid.  I know my Spanish sounds like caveman Spanish “you….to eat….now?  Something like that but it’s coming along.  The teachers are still cool.  We’ve got Hermano ---------- and Hermano ---------- and of course my favorite teacher Hermana --------.  She kind of reminds me of Sammi Reeves. Hermana -------- is super nice and patient. 

In the MTC we make up a lot of stuff to keep ourselves sane.  One thing we made up is called the MTC prom.  We don’t know how we will pull it off (I’ll mostly likely have to ask Joe Hatch as my date) but, in my mind, it would go off pretty good.  I would also ask Hermana ------- to it.  But anyway, it’s going pretty good here. Me and Elder Young do a lot of “ab” workout in gym time.  It’s really fun!  On a package note real quick, they said the MTC stops taking packages on the 23rd for Christmas  so…yeah, they just said to tell you that. 

We got a new councilor in the branch.  His name is Brother Menlove and he reminds me a lot of Grandpa Mick ‘cause he is also from Spanish Fork and he is just like him.  His wife reminds me a lot of Norma.  She is a kindergarten teacher and she looks like Carol Burnett.  The Menloves are sooooo nice! 

Could you guys give a shout out from me to Brother Rapier for his letter?  It was so nice and comforting.  He is such a cool guy!

I forgot to say last week but yeah I did see that First Presidency Christmas Devotional.  It was so nice.  I about teared up a storm during Silent Night, it was so pretty.  I’m doing pretty good here.  I told you guys in the e-mail that we have a new companion.  Elder ----….you know about him.  This week has been pretty hard with him on board.  It’s a whole new system with him ‘cause he is really annoying at times.  So please pray for me that I’ll be patient, humble, and happy and overall try to be like Jesus. 

I also said that this Christmas I would like everyone to be merry and happy, including me.  I’ll pray for you guys if you pray for me.  I know it will all turn out good.  I know Heavenly Father answers prayers like when you prayed, Mom, and then you talked to Sister Littlefield and your prayer was answered that I was okay (which I am).  You’re amazing mom.  I love you with all my heart.  You are the best.  Never forget I love you and that it’s all good.   I guess we all need to remember that.  Even though we will have some rough times and it seems like things won’t get better, they will (John 14:18).  I really have got to remember that. 

Well, I best start wrapping up this letter.  I think this letter will come a day later than it usually does so sorry if there was a wait.  Well, the only request I have is so send me some of those tasty chocolate balls made of Symphony bars that we make every Christmas and to keep praying for me.  I love you guys so much and hope all is well.  Keep writing me!  I love you all!  ‘S’all good!”  Keep fighting the good fight!

Con amor,


P.S.  Thanks for the letters Grandma!  I love you

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